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Welcome to the Collaborative

The field of implementation science requires research and innovative practice. The Collaborative for Implementation Practice uses a relationship focused approach to advance the field with our partners. Let’s collaborate.

Our purpose is to advance the field of implementation science, with you

The Collaborative for Implementation Practice (CIP) is an initiative at the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. CIP is a community of individuals focused on using and developing evidence on implementation practice to advance the field of implementation science and equitable outcomes. CIP provides implementation support and serves as a knowledge bank, resource library, and source for innovation for the workforce.


We strive to include all of those who are involved in or will be impacted by the work.


We consider trust and empathy to be foundational for implementation success.


We seek to use and develop evidence to guide all aspects of our work.


We center equity in knowledge development and use.

Our Principles

to approaching Implementation

Be empathetic

Approach the change facilitation process with regard for others as legitimate, respected, and valuable contributors to the selection and implementation of a program or practice and associated processes and outcomes. Seek mutual understanding within relationships, and understand how growth-promoting relationships between implementation support practitioners and stakeholders can fuel implementation support.

Be curious

Ask questions, demonstrate authentic interest in how local stakeholders and context will shape implementation processes; engage with different forms of evidence and information across relevant content areas and disciplines; tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity while seeking clarity.

Be committed

Bring patience, resilience, and willingness to challenge the status quo to the process; demonstrate flexibility and agility during implementation setbacks.

Advance equity

Advance equitable implementation by integrating strong equity components, including explicit attention to the languages, cultures, histories, values, assets, and needs of different communities, during all steps of an implementation process.

Use critical thinking

Explore the diverse elements of a situation, examine your own and others’ assumptions, assess context and root causes or contributing factors and make conscious choices, that are informed by evidence and data.

Embrace cross- disciplinary approaches

Appreciate and use different ways of knowing and diversity of expertise across disciplines to bring about mutual and transformative learning.

How the Collaborative
Supports the Field

Build Evidence

CIP serves as a think tank for implementation science by sharing evidence and innovation from both researchers and practitioners in the field.

Grow the Workforce

CIP offers resources and professional development opportunities for all people with a role in supporting implementation.

Advance Equity

CIP works with all communities and embraces the diverse experiences that both drive and shape implementation efforts.

I have always thought what is needed is the development of people who are interested not in being leaders as much as in developing leadership in others.

-Ella Baker

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